The biggest and much awaited Filipino event in Japan

Philippine Festival 2019

NOV. 30 ~ DEC. 1, 2019
9:00AM - 5:00PM

Philippine Festival Japan is he biggest and most awaited Filipino event in Japan.

Filipinos love having fun, and the Philippines is known as the “land of festivals”. Each city or town of the archipelago has its own unique festival or fiesta.

Celebrating historic or religious events, a good harvest, or a product which a particular place is famous for, festivals are held across the country throughout the year, making them an indispensable part of Philippine culture.

This love for festivals is carried by Filipinos even when they are abroad. Here in Japan, volunteers from the Filipino community led by the Philippine Festival Organizing Committee and the Embassy of the Philippines, have organized the Philippine Festival annually since 2012 to bring expatriate Filipinos together and at the same time introduce Philippine cuisine, music, dance and products to Japanese and international friends.



NOV. 30 ~ DEC. 1, 2019
9:00AM ~ 5:00PM


Creativity, talent and volunteerism of the Filipino community in Japan
serve as the heart of the Philippine Festival celebration. Prompted with the
passion of expressing and demonstrating the best of the Philippine Cultural
Heritage, the members of the Filipino community come together to share and
enjoy this annual festivity. Their intensified active and dynamic participation highlights the activities of the onstage program of the Philippine Festival.


The 2 day Philippine Festival event not only features cultural performances, local and celebrities from the Philippines, but it also its mouth watering traditional food dishes and delicacies.


Aside from music, our cultural heritage is being preserved and passed down to the next generations through our traditional dances. The colorful and meaningful dance movements of the Filipinos from different parts of the Philippines are truly remarkable and entertaining. 


The main highlight of this yearly event, aside from its Cultural and Festival King and Queen pageants are the singers and celebrity artists.